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Activity… - My interview by Mark Andersen. If you want to know what I think about fairies, please have a look at the interview. What the fairies think of me, I cannot say... ;) :)…

Dear Nightmare,

I cannot understand why you are so mean and cruel with me. You’ve haunted me for so many nights and I always welcomed you like a good friend.

Then you became unfair and unkind to me, showing more and more anger – almost hatred toward me. Why? What have I done to deserve your hatred?
To read the rest, please click on the link. It is very short.
Twisted Passion
The story is very short- I will not say much about it. It is a letter to a nightmare. I woke up in the night and wrote it :) It is inspired by Beauty and the Beast, but here the Beast is a Nightmare...
Many sincere thanks to Esther Puche for allowing me to use her beautiful artwork to illustrate the story. She is one of my favorite artists and the story is dedicated to her.
The photo above  is © Esther Puche:…. It has been used for the story with her kind permission.
To see more of her art, please visit her site:…
The radio broadcast on that evening was about the famous rock singer that was almost as popular as King Elvis. The guy had the mysterious, dark kind of beauty of an underworld god and his last show “Magic Umbrellas” was such a tremendous success that all teen girls were in love with him and most teen boys wanted to be like him.

With such an adoring fandom, I was expecting listenership figures to break records and I was prepared for anything – apart from what actually happened that night.

Please click the link above to read the rest of the story
This is a story I wrote a few years back. It is a credit to the "Sandman"- the Dream King so as he is described in mythology, fairy tales, comics (Neil Gaiman's Sandman is one of my favorite comics). Here the "Dustman" was mainly inspired from a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen called Ole-Luk-Oie, the Dream-God.
I give once more the link of the story:…
Let the dream-king open his umbrella and enjoy the journey to dreamland.
The story is ©Sissy PANTELIS & Angie's Diary -ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Thank you so much for your kind support to my work <3… -Many thanks to Paulo Britto for this beautiful review of RED NIGHTMARE by Danilo Antoniucci and me.… -Many thanks to Paulo Britto for this beautiful review of RED NIGHTMARE by Danilo Antoniucci and me.
A perfume is a weapon, my grandmother said. No matter how hard I tried, I could not understand what she meant by this.

         To me, a perfume was but a delight. Especially our traditional family perfume that my grand mother favored above all the others; the one my mum would wear with her fabulous dresses and beautiful jewels. In my little girl’s eyes, mom in her glamorous outfits was like one of the fairy queens in the fairy tales she was reading to me. The jewels sparkles were a wonder, akin to fireworks, and the scent of the perfume would fill my mind with all sorts of marvelous dreams.

         When I was five, I used to steal some of mom’s perfume when she was out. I did not mean ill; I just longed to sense fragrance-incited dream too.

         Not surprisingly, on my early teens, when I started going out, I would wear this perfume too. Like my grandmother, I loved changing perfumes; I was excited by the experience of a new scent on me. But mom’s perfume, the one that made me dream so much when I was a child, always remained my favorite. It was the perfume I wore for special occasions.

         I wore this fragrance on the evening of our first kiss.
Poisonous Sortilege
The story was inspired by a famous perfume; it is set in Venice and it is like a dark version of Cinderella -using a perfume instead of a shoe to seduce her "King of Spades". I hope you will enjoy it.
I had only a few days to write the story. Even with so much pressure and headache, I had a very strong feeling while writing this story. Unfortunately, I cannot know what people feel when reading it, but I hope that some of the magic I experienced reaches the readers. If this happens, I will be happy- the headaches will not be for nothing.
Many sincere thanks to Adam Henry Carriere for his support to my work and for publishing this story even though it is twice the length he usually allows in DM. Many thanks to Inbal Dror for kindly giving permission to use their beautiful photo to illustrate the story. And many thanks to all you, who will read it.
POISONOUS SORTILEGE is dedicated to my collaborator and dear friend VURORE.
The photo above belongs to INBAL DROR and can be found at their site:
Here is the cover of the comic BLUE SPARKLES -script by me Art by Vurore :
The comic is currently available at Markosia:… (you can also find it on all Amazon sites and Book Depository too).

A digital version of the graphic novel is available on Comixology:…

La BD va également être publiée en français et en espagnol dans quelques mois. En français par la maison d'édition WETTA:

This page is ©Sissy PANTELIS, VURORE and MARKOSIA -All Rights Reserved. Please do not use in any way without a written authorisation by the authors AND Harry MARKOS -the publisher of MARKOSIA.
The clock chimes three times. Trying to ignore it, I grasp my cup of coffee and bring it to my lips. Before I have time to take a sip, the white rabbit emerges from the coffee. The rabbit darts a glance at the clock then stares at me. “Time to go,” he says and fastens the clock to the pocket of his waistcoat with a golden chain. As we dive into the coffee, I wonder how a clock as tall as the room can fit into the miniscule pocket of the rabbit and how the thin golden chain can hold it there. I am about to ask the rabbit, but the brown curtain is lifted and we are at a theatre stage that looks like a courtroom. The three judges at the bench are birds in black robes, the sleeves of which are adorned with three rows of red hearts. The judge sitting at the centre is a crow and wears golden-framed glasses; the judge on his left is a duck and the one on his right is a sort of a woodpecker crowned with a huge red crest. All three remind me of the cartoons I used to watch on TV when I was a little girl.

“Silence,” caws the crow-judge in a raucous voice while the woodpecker hammers his beak on the table. In the courtroom there is no audience (the white rabbit and I are out of the stage so we hardly count as court audience) so I don’t see why the crow-judge demands silence. “Robin Hatter, will you stand up?”

This story was written for an anthology that would honor the anniversary of Lewis Caroll. The editor kept post-poning the anthology and it is not yet out. I thought it was a pity to waste this story, so I sent it to Danse Macabre. One reason why I wanted this story to be published was that Michael Cheval had read and enjoyed it and he kindly gave permission to use his artwork to illustrate it. Michael Cheval is an artist I admire a lot - to have a story with his artwork published was a great honor for me.
The other reason is that I really enjoyed writing this story. For some reason, all this crazy stuff came out of my head and was tranfered on paper as swiftly as the Ace came out of Lord Cheshire Cat's sleeve in the story.
I hope you will enjoy it- it's not too long either.
Many sincere thanks to Michael Cheval for allowing me to use his magnificent artwork with the story and to Adam Henry Carrière for publishing the story so fast.
Our comic RED NIGHTMARE (script by me- art by Danilo Antoniucci) is now completed.
It is available since Monday 20 June for sale, on the site of MARKOSIA:… and all amazon sites
Currently available (digital version) at Comixology too:…
La BD va également être publiée en français et en espagnol dans quelques mois. En français par la maison d'édition WETTA:

To see more art by Danilo, please visit his site : (I think it is worth a visit!!)
or his FB page:…
His DA site:…
© Sissy Pantelis, Danilo Antoniucci and MARKOSIA -ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Please do not use in any way without a written authorisation by the authors (Danilo Antoniucci and/or myself) and the publisher Harry Markos.
Red Nightmare
This is a page from Red Nightmare, a comic in collaboration with Italian artist Danilo Antoniucci.
The story is a fairy tale for children and adults. The main character is shown at this page.
To see more art by Danilo, please visit his site : (I think it is worth a visit!!)
or his FB page:…
His DA site:…
This comic will be published by British publishishers MARKOSIA, so now the page displayed here is officialy © Sissy Pantelis, Danilo Antoniucci and MARKOSIA -ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Please do not use in any way without a written authorisation by the authors (Danilo Antoniucci and/or myself) and the publisher Harry Markos.


gliovampire's Profile Picture
sissy pantelis
About me. Right...
When I was a young child, two things happened: -I inadvertently swallowed ink.
-I had a wonderful grand mother who cooked the best cakes in the world and read me lots and lots of fairy tales. When she had nothing to read, she invented fairy tales. Please note that my mom was pretty good at telling fairy tales as well and my father is a journalist.
All this is equivalent to belong in a family of wizards and falling in a cauldron with magic potions by accident.
With ink streaming in my veins and my brain filled with fairy tale stuff (I was extremely disappointed that fairies did not actually exist and very unhappy that Mary Poppins was not my nanny), it's hardly surprising that I deviated from normal.
Fortunately I was affected by no mental disease.
I just love writing.It's my magical power...maybe my curse as well.
I am a co-editor in French SF magazine GALAXIES. Link:

Current Residence: Athens-Greece
deviantWEAR sizing preference: ??
Print preference: ??
Favourite genre of music: Classic.Love all kinds of music apart from jazz.
Favourite photographer: Chiara Fersini.
Favourite style of art: Not really a favorite style;everything exciting strong emotions is welcome.
Operating System: ??
MP3 player of choice: ??
Shell of choice: ??
Wallpaper of choice: graffiti or strange flowers.Or a fantasy theme.
Skin of choice: Mine.
Favourite cartoon character: Donald Duck
Personal Quote: "I have nothing to declare but my imagination."
Interests… - My interview by Mark Andersen. About the two comics that came out, my future projects and many other things.… - my interview on Jazma about the comics I am currently working on.

My interview by Paulo Britto - a writer I admire a lot!! Many thanks for his kind words:…

Recently my bio has been added in the Greek wikipedia. You can see it here:…
The bio itself is not much, but you can see a detailed list of all my published work, including articles, interviews and comics// short stories published only on a printed version (so they are not available on line).
Here are some links of my recently published stories:

1) "They Won't Get Me" -published in Spanish magazine miNatura
bibliotecadelnostromominatura.… -Art by Didizuka… A longer version of the story in Angie's Diary

2) "Rat Incense"- published in Angie's Diary:…
Art by Heather Watts

3) "The Rainbow Bird of the Shadow realms":…
Art by Anna Ignatieva

4) "Dream Tiger" -… Art by Andrew Atroshenko

5) "Absinthe Spirit":…
Art by Didizuka

6) "Unholy Confession" :…
Art by Vurore

7) "Dark Queen" :… (Spanish and English)- Art by Hollow Moon Art

8) "The Bet": bibliotecadelnostromominatura.… -Art by Cindy Bertet

9) "Magic Lantern":…

10) Review about "Hunted" and "Nightmare Spread" :…

Most recent:11) Sweet Wolf:… -illustration by Josephine Wall. Many thanks to Josephine Wall for kindly giving permission to use her work to illustrate the story.
This story was also published in Spanish in issue 117 of MiNatura themed "Licantropia"

12) Oriental Nightmares -in Ironic Fantastic- anthology (edited by Rhys Hughes):…

13) Ungodly Diva - in Glamourama (anthology themed on cinema - edited by Rachel Kendall):… - You can read my story on page 32.

14) SPELLBOUND : A young girl buys from a witch a perfume with a love spell in it. But the spell does not work exactly as she had expected...…
I REALLY enjoyed writing this story. I hope you will enjoy reading it.

15) NEMESIS: A Halloween story. Ghosts are not the only ones seeking for revenge. Sometimes the most unexpected creatures can turn into a nemesis if they are offended. Beware your manners - especially with dolls! To know more, please read the story here:…
Many thanks to wonderful Rebeca Saray for authorizing me to use her beautiful artwork to illustrate the story.

16) PUMPKIN FAIRY: One more Halloween story- this time it is a fairy tale about an enchanted pumpkin. You can read the story here:…
Art by Michael CHEVAL

17) DREAM POPPY: A little girl tells her doll a fairy tale about a child that turns into a fairy. You can read the story here:…
Art is by Anna Ignatieva

18) DEVIL'S ADVOCATE: A trial in the Middle Ages. The accused is... a cat!! :…
Many thanks to Eric Ridgeway (Emortal982) for the kind permission to use his artwork to illustrate the story.
You can visit his gallery on DA:

19) SWAMP REVENGE: A story of madness, revenge and beauty-not necessarily in this order. Published in DANSE MACABRE:!r…
Illustrated by Nelleke Scoemaker. You can see her work… and on FB:
Many thanks to Nelleke for the wonderful work on the illustrations.

20) HELL OSCILLATIONS: A man trapped in a tarot deck... Or is he trapped in his own nightmares?…

21) GRAVEYARD SIREN: The story of a widow who wanders in the graveyard every night and asks the spirits where she can find her dead husband :…

Article in SF Mind Meld:…

22) THE GIRL IN RED - short story published in anthology IRONIC FANTASTIC Issue #3 -edited by Paulo Britto:…
Accompanied by illustration by Big Bad red:… (you can visit her site here:

23) SONATA FOR A LOST KEY - short story published in a bilingual anthology themed on Dragons (English and german) by Steph Engert:…

Please keep tuned. More to come soon. I update regularly my FB page:…

24) CANTARELLA- in IRONIC FANTASTIC #5 - edited by Paulo Brito:…

25) SF Signal Mind Meld: Favorite weapons in fantasy worlds:…



28) TWISTED PASSION - Danse Macabre du Jour:…

You are welcome to follow my Nightmare page too:…

I recently participate in this page too (Enigma Dreams):…
Please be aware that we always do all what is possible to give due credit to the artists that created the pictures we post on those pages. We are sorry to see that some people never care to post the names of the artists. Sometimes, however, it is not possible to find the name of the artists in spite of our efforts. In those cases, we are sorry- we cannot give any name.
If you recognize any of your work on our pages and you wish your name mentioned, please let us know. I assure you that we put time and energy in research so we  can give due credit. Thank you so much!

Many thanks to all the artists who collaborate with me on one or various projects
Vurore- Didizuka- CarminePucci- Hollow Moon Art- Danilo Antoniucci (not on DA)- Hikashy- Wilton Palaccio- SoniaLeong
  • Listening to: Silence
  • Reading: Grimm Fairy Tales
  • Watching: Westworld
  • Playing: No time for this-too much work! :(
  • Eating: Chocolate (while on a diet) :P
  • Drinking: Coke and water (not at the same time)



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